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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

League tables

Hi bloggers.

The singles tournaments for reaching a climax and it is very close . In the champions league - it is James making the running , closely followed by Elliott T, but it is very tight for the bronze medal , Franky, Louis and Abigail all have a shout . In the premier league it looks like Franky gaining top spot , but it is so close for 2nd as dark horse Charlie has done brilliantly to get to 2nd at the moment , and Harrison leading the race for 3rd ., with William C Sam and Eliot A all in with a chance .
The championship is just as close, Katie leads the way but has played extra matches , and Sonny and Edward look like getting the top 2 spots , but it is so close between them , 3rd may go to Katie , Ben or even Toby . It is all to play for .

The juniors have a match this coming friday v Roundwood away .


Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Latest league tables juniors May 2017

Hi bloggers .

The new summer term has started and the very youngs are all improving , and the youngs have started their leagues with some interesting results .

In the Premier league, Harrison has started off with 2 wins and has 15pts , Charlie is 2nd with an excellent win and draw 14pts , and Franky is 3rd with 13pts , so all close at the top , Elliot A and Freddie have a game in hand and could be dark horses for the title.

In the Championship there are 4 unbeaten players. Sonny is top with 16 , but there are 3 players breathing down his neck all yet to lose . Katie is 2nd with 14pts along with Millie G who also has 14 , while William R is just behind with 13 . New recruit Poppy is doing well with 10 . Well done to everyone , I see a great improvement .

The olds have not started yet although they should this week .


Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Sproughton v St Johns

Hi bloggers

Last sunday the under 11's played St Johns in the return fixture , starting in drizzle our team consisting of Elliott and Franky won the first set 7-6 , after a momentous match winning a hard fought tie-break , meanwhile Louis and Harrison were losing heavily , so the half-time score was 1-1 . then the reverse fixtures and Elliott and Franky lost while Harrison and Franky played superbly to clinch the set and claiming a draw , with a wholehearted display , and a greatly improved performance . So a result of 2-2 .

The over 11's started brightly with another tie-break win with Tyler and James winning a marathon tie-break 10-8 , meanwhile Elliott playing in his 3rd match was winning with Tito , so Sproughton were 2-0 up at half-time , then the drizzle started again and Tyler and James were getting turned over 1-6 but Tito and Elliott excelling themselves raced into a 5-0 lead , but with the drizzle getting worse the lead diminished into 5-3 , then we won the final game to claim out first win against St Johns 5 sets to 3 in total .

Well done to all the players involved esp Elliott who played both matches and still had juice left at the end !