Thursday, 5 July 2007

Sproughton vs Adastral Park 3 (Away)

Hmm... What a washout. We managed to play 6 full sets and 3 "half sets". Due to the deluge we had to stop near to 9 o'clock. Anyyyyway. Our pairs were:
  1. Ben Hart and Adam Chappell
  2. The Matthew's (Me and Chappell)
  3. Glen and Mike
Ben and Adam lost against the first pair 8-5 during the end of the first washout. (There were two washouts, One at the end that was heavy, and one at the start was drizzly). Against the second pair in the first deluge they lost 8-5 again. At the final rain they were losing 5-1 when Ben and Adam had to stop.
Me and Matt lost against the first pair in the first game 8-5. At our first game against the second pair we lost 8-6 feeling we should have won. Our final but kind of... WET game was lost at 3-2 with the start of our come-back in our sight.
Glen and Mike played the first pair at the last deluge and were losing 5-1. Against the second pair they lost 8-0. A suprising lose as me and Matt got 6 games. Against the third pair they lost 8-3 and were unlucky as I presume that was at the first deluge.
Unfortunately there wasnt much to say as we didn't get the finish all the games due to the rain, and earlier rain spell. But!! The show had to go on as it was only drizzle. :) Bring on less rain?