Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Sproughton 3 vs Adrastral Park 3

Hi all, The match was Sproughton 3 against Adastral Park 3. Just to say... personally I think this team was the friendliest team we've encountered. Yes. Again you have guessed it. We lost 6-3 again. With John and Adam winning 3. Aaaanyway. Now to the scores/pairs. Our pairs were-
  1. John Tallent and Adam Chappell
  2. Richard Oaks with Matthew Chappell
  3. Matthew Tallent (me) Luke Barnes
Ok, John and Adam did win all their matches . Against the first pair they won 8-5. The first pair was the hardest to beat, but most talkative and friendly. In the match against the second pair they won again. The score was 8-1. Almost a white-wash.Against the last pair , the match was won  8-4.


Richard and Matthew... we er...Yes. We lost those games. On the bright side we did lose closely. In some of them. The first pair we lost at 5-8. Their second pair lost again at 6-8 resulting in another loss for Sproughton. The last and final game they lost at 2-8. So...against the hardest pair they do best at... Easiest pair worst... Confusing.?


Me and Luke lost our games as Luke - supposedly - didn't like his racket, and accused himself of playing the worst in years. Against the first pair we WERE white-washed *sobsob*. The second we done better losing 3-8. A bit better. Then we dropped to our lowest low losing 1-8 to the lst pair.


So overall we didn't do very well. Matthew (Chappell) lost with Richard, and me and Luke lost the matches we played. Well, It IS all about the experience factor.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Sproughton 3 Vs St. Johns 3

Yet again, a good game. Althought I said it was a good game we did lose, but in the process we tried our best.Our pairs were:
  1. Matthew Chappell and John Tallent
  2. Luke Barnes and Adam Chappell
  3. Me and John Barton
Matthew and John won all their matches, but with a hard last game. Against their first pair they won 8-4 winning quite easily. Against the second pair they won again (How do they do it?), winning 8-4 again. The second pair were consistent and one person was always glued to the net. Against the third pair they won a "close" game (although we knew they'd win), winning 9-7. This pair were young and had a booming serve.. None of our pairs got on well with them , as they thought they were above us .

Luke and Adam lost all their matches with a close (?) second match . The game against the first pair they lost 2-8 when I accused them of not playing like they would in a Wimbledon final. Against the second pair they lost 6-8 (which was the close ((?)) game) where they both were just playing a consistent game. The final game against the third pair was lost 2-8.

Me and John Barton lost all our matches, but unfortunately winning the least games *sob*. Against the first pair (who thought when someone was at the net you HAD to lob them) we lost 4-8. The second pair won against us 4-8 in a struggle. The last pair (third) we lost 1-8.

*Extras* When Luke and Adam played the Third pair, Luke was very irritated because of the arrogance of one of the boys playing. And when John and Matthew Chappell won against the third pair... We were so happy.

Overall I thought we didn't play well or badly. Its just the big points, and the extra net cords that can win the game. I say MORE PRACTICE!

Sproughton 3 - St.Johns 6

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Sproughton 3 against Stowmarket 3

For a division 8 match, it seemed to be better. Today was a hard gruelling 9 sets in which the final score was a 3-6 loss. The Sproughton pairings were: M. Chappell and L. Barnes, M.Tallent (me) and A.Chappell, and finally J.Tallent and B. Hart. The Stowmarket players (in their pairs) were: M. Clements and K.Simpson, J.Spitzer and K. Vincent, and H. Hudson and L. Carrol.

In three sets in which Luke Barnes and Matthew Chappell played... Were lost. In which they were the scores of 2-8, 1-8, and 0-8. They played as first pair meaning the hardest match was first, and in that game they played the best with the score of 2-8. The first pair was Stowmarkets best as one of their players on that pair could do the best "angle-dropshot-volley" that I've ever seen. Their second game was 1-8 against the 2nd pair. That combination was a steady, consistent pair that was playing much better against Luke, and Matthew. In the last game, (suprisingly) they played the worst which was a 0-8 loss. The last pair ( I thought) was the... "consistent" pair.

Our second pair of M.Tallent and A. Chappell had probably the most confusing result in the history of game scores. The second pair who we played first was our best game. The score was 5-8, and from being 2-6 down this was a good score. I'd say the motto of that game was "The match is never over until the final point is played." Our second game was against the third pair which we lost 8-0. The first odd 3 to 5 games were all dueces going on. But, as the score says... We lost ALL of the dueces in a frenzy of bad shots, and net cords going against us. Our third but final game was the 1st pair in which we lost 8-1. To myself I think the game we won was a forfeit in which the other pair just didn't bother to play well. Either that or we just played great, that we weren't doing the in the rest of the games.

The third - and final pair - of J.Tallent and B. Hart (suprisingly?) won every match. First pair was against the 3rd pair which was a 8-2 win. I personally don't know how they managed to win AND only drop two games. The second match was against the number one pair which they won 8-1. I again don't know how they did it. The pair tell me that the other pair didn't play so well as they did against our 2nd and 1st pair as no "angle-dropshot-volley" shots were played. I still don't know how it happened. The third game was against their 2nd pair in which they won 8-2. Ben Hart from where I was standing was almost falling asleep. J.Tallent (yet again) was playing at the best of his standard and winning 99% of the points.

The team average age was almost 14. Until my Dad joined to make it 19.5. In our defence we didn't play that bad, but on the other hand we could've played better or more consistently.

There is a team photo here (Image 2).

-Matthew Tallent.

P.S The "or more consistently." part was edited by John Tallent.