Saturday, 11 August 2007

Framlingham 2007

Hello everyone. Yet again a enjoyable, and exciting Framlingham. This Framlingham was memorable for Joan Hassell as it was her 50th Framlingham. She had a present given to her after a final (on Thursday) and that was when everybody was there watching. Sproughton had a successful Framlingham with many reaching finals. And one winning them.
Me and Ben Hart entered the U16 singles and doubles with the prospect of at least winning one round. In our doubles we were un-successful losing 6-2 6-1 against two boys we knew we had a chance against. In Ben's singles he managed to win two rounds, and then losing to a seed 6-2 6-2. I unfortunately lost first round of my U16 playing a Norfolk junior losing 0 and 1. I entered a total of five events and those were 2. I entered the U14 singles, doubles, and mixed. In the singles I lost first round, and entered the plate losing first round of that 2 and 3. In the doubles I played with a "Partner Wanted" winning my first round. Then getting trounced 0 and 0 against one of the finalists. In my mixed I played with my another "Partner Wanted" and losing first round.
John on the other hand entered the Vets (Veterans) singles, doubles, and mixed. In the singles the Number 2 seed lost 6-0, 1-6, and 4-6. In the doubles John and another good player (Bob Booker) lost in the Semi-Final 7-5 6-4. He played Charles Fulcher who plays for Felixstowe and is renowned for Quick Reactions, a good doubles player, and bad language. In the mixed John and another Sproughton player (Woo), Christine Nugent cruised to the final with John. They lost a close match, but won that "magic" £10 each prize money that couldn't pay for the petrol home. Remember its all about the experience. And glory.
Colin played in the Vets Mens doubles and won the final getting another £15 each that was also payed to the Runner-Up's. His aprtner was Mike Ellis .
Over all though, this Framlingham was a memorable Fram,with very good weather , and plenty of sun , and hopefully next year Sproughton will do even better.
Matthew Tallent
Sproughton Blogger

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