Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Summer league matches

The summer league fixtures are 80% completed now , but lots of issues remain , although we know that the mens 1st team have won promotion back to the top division , with a win loss recors of  5-1 , the mixed 1st team have a job on their hands to keep their place in the top division , at the moment we have had 3 wins and 3 losses , one more win would secure our place in the elite , but it depends on other results .
The ladies have also won 3 lost 3 in the top division , and have done so well , but again really need an extra win from the two remaining games . The mens two team have done well and won 4 lost 2 in div 3 , and the mixed 2nd's have won 2 in div 4 but lost 5 .
One of the plus points from the summer matches has been the emergence of Ben Hart ( age 16 ) into the mens 2 side , - with the experience gained from last years mens 3 experiment , he has improved and is regularly winning at least a set each match .
Anyone seeking membership or just want to know more about the club , please contact : John on Ips 402307 .

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