Tuesday, 30 May 2017

League tables

Hi bloggers.

The singles tournaments for reaching a climax and it is very close . In the champions league - it is James making the running , closely followed by Elliott T, but it is very tight for the bronze medal , Franky, Louis and Abigail all have a shout . In the premier league it looks like Franky gaining top spot , but it is so close for 2nd as dark horse Charlie has done brilliantly to get to 2nd at the moment , and Harrison leading the race for 3rd ., with William C Sam and Eliot A all in with a chance .
The championship is just as close, Katie leads the way but has played extra matches , and Sonny and Edward look like getting the top 2 spots , but it is so close between them , 3rd may go to Katie , Ben or even Toby . It is all to play for .

The juniors have a match this coming friday v Roundwood away .


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