Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Sproughton 3 vs Adrastral Park 3

Hi all, The match was Sproughton 3 against Adastral Park 3. Just to say... personally I think this team was the friendliest team we've encountered. Yes. Again you have guessed it. We lost 6-3 again. With John and Adam winning 3. Aaaanyway. Now to the scores/pairs. Our pairs were-
  1. John Tallent and Adam Chappell
  2. Richard Oaks with Matthew Chappell
  3. Matthew Tallent (me) Luke Barnes
Ok, John and Adam did win all their matches . Against the first pair they won 8-5. The first pair was the hardest to beat, but most talkative and friendly. In the match against the second pair they won again. The score was 8-1. Almost a white-wash.Against the last pair , the match was won  8-4.


Richard and Matthew... we er...Yes. We lost those games. On the bright side we did lose closely. In some of them. The first pair we lost at 5-8. Their second pair lost again at 6-8 resulting in another loss for Sproughton. The last and final game they lost at 2-8. So...against the hardest pair they do best at... Easiest pair worst... Confusing.?


Me and Luke lost our games as Luke - supposedly - didn't like his racket, and accused himself of playing the worst in years. Against the first pair we WERE white-washed *sobsob*. The second we done better losing 3-8. A bit better. Then we dropped to our lowest low losing 1-8 to the lst pair.


So overall we didn't do very well. Matthew (Chappell) lost with Richard, and me and Luke lost the matches we played. Well, It IS all about the experience factor.

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