Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Sproughton 3 Vs St. Johns 3

Yet again, a good game. Althought I said it was a good game we did lose, but in the process we tried our best.Our pairs were:
  1. Matthew Chappell and John Tallent
  2. Luke Barnes and Adam Chappell
  3. Me and John Barton
Matthew and John won all their matches, but with a hard last game. Against their first pair they won 8-4 winning quite easily. Against the second pair they won again (How do they do it?), winning 8-4 again. The second pair were consistent and one person was always glued to the net. Against the third pair they won a "close" game (although we knew they'd win), winning 9-7. This pair were young and had a booming serve.. None of our pairs got on well with them , as they thought they were above us .

Luke and Adam lost all their matches with a close (?) second match . The game against the first pair they lost 2-8 when I accused them of not playing like they would in a Wimbledon final. Against the second pair they lost 6-8 (which was the close ((?)) game) where they both were just playing a consistent game. The final game against the third pair was lost 2-8.

Me and John Barton lost all our matches, but unfortunately winning the least games *sob*. Against the first pair (who thought when someone was at the net you HAD to lob them) we lost 4-8. The second pair won against us 4-8 in a struggle. The last pair (third) we lost 1-8.

*Extras* When Luke and Adam played the Third pair, Luke was very irritated because of the arrogance of one of the boys playing. And when John and Matthew Chappell won against the third pair... We were so happy.

Overall I thought we didn't play well or badly. Its just the big points, and the extra net cords that can win the game. I say MORE PRACTICE!

Sproughton 3 - St.Johns 6

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