Thursday, 28 June 2007

Mens 3 vs St Johns 3

Yet again, a lose. But do not doubt the powers of the Mens 3 team without the John Tallent who won us our constant 3 sets . Our pairs were:
  1. Adam Chappell and Luke Barnes
  2. Matthew Tallent (me) and Ben Hart
  3. Matthew Chappell and Mike Lawrence
Our first pair, Adam and Luke were fighting the game to the end with Adam actually making an aggressive shot! That is unexpectedly rare. Against the first pair they lost 8-3 battling hard. Against the second they won 8-6 gaining a chance to win that sweety prize (I will explain at the end). Against the third they were expected to win, but lost 8-6.
Me and Ben said to each other to at least get one match that night, and that ws exactly what we done. Against that first pair we lost 8-4. Not much to be said as we didn't play well at all. Against the second pair we won on a tie break 9-8. Woo~~~. The third pair weren't playing well at all, and we won 8-2 with suprising ease (Why did we lose two games?).
Mike and Matthew lost all three, but battled hard to get the games they won. Against the first pair they lost 8-0 against the hard pair. Against the second pair they lost 8-5 getting the right points, and right crucial shots. The last pair beat them by 8-1.
The sweety prize is the prize to the first pair with two juniors to get the first set.

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